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Sounds beautiful.

Only thing I didn't like was the synth right as the main chorus came in [Let the rain fall down...] That saw synth, I think could be turned into a bass... Maybe even just lower it an octave or two to act as a countermelody to the high pitches of her voice?
Still great. 5/5, 10/10 downloaded.

LK412 responds:

Uhh, i should be understanding you, but for some reason i dont get what you mean.

Thanks for the review :D

Definitely an AWESOME song.

Very good use of synthesizers and extremely good mastering. I think that the section with the percussion only could've been more... interesting? A bit more going on might have peaked my interest more there. I definitely liked the low/crunchy bass-synth a lot. I also LOVED the intro cutoff filter tweaking at about 3 seconds in... That was beautiful. I'm definitely going to try to use this song as inspiration for more of my music.

10/10, 5/5, downloaded <3

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot for the awesome review and the kind words!

Pretty cool effects in there.

I'd say that my favorite part was right around 3:00 where you incorporated the new synth - I think that new synth was much smoother and cleaner. I think that the high synth at the beginning was kind of rough on the ears... The percussion throughout this entire song was amazing - simple, but very layered. I could listen to that alone all day long.

Besides that, I'd say that it was a bit repetitive - you probably could've made it a bit shorter... Extremely good job overall, though.

ChineseCommando responds:

Thank you!


This is freakin' amazing. The synth to start the song is beautiful, and it really sets the mood early for this song. I'd say that this sounds very much like video game music, and that this style suits you well. Definitely one of the better songs on Newgrounds. 5/5 10/10. I'd give you more, but I can't.

DoctorAttitude responds:

Thanks a lot for the review mate :) Glad you enjoyed it. I pull a lot of inspiration from my younger days when I did nothing but game. Oh wait, i still do that.

Very nice dreamy feel.

Nice wind flute sound... Was that the sytrus wind pipe? Anyway, it sounds wonderful. I think this feels a lot like a reflection on your earlier music. 10/10, 5/5

F-777 responds:

Nah i made the flute from the VST
Nexus =).

Thanks for the awesome review!!!

Really bouncy! =D

I like the scratchy intro sound you used, and the very bouncy synth seemed to fit. The very fat bass sounded a bit too fat, in my opinion. The 'screaming' synth in the background sounded fitting to the rest of the music. All in all, it sounded very nice, well mastered, and it fits the house category of music very well, and it sounds like it's fun to listen to.

Sp1r1T responds:

Ya, Bouncy ftw xD

I think the bass was a little fat, but I sidechained it so It was less harsh.

Thanks again :}

Epic third episode of 'We Believe'

I love the techno feel to it and the driving synthesizers in there. Definitely a huge improvement from last time (not saying last time was bad, just I love this one soo much more) =P


F-777 responds:

Haha thanks man!
Im glad you like it =).

Pretty sounding guitar (at the beginning)

At the end it sounded a bit to piercing. The vocals sounded good too--maybe a bit off-key at parts, but very smooth and sweet.

SuperMusic responds:


As a sorta ambient dnb

it's ok, but from a dance perspective, it's NOT a dance song. The major thing you're missing is a low, but not uber-low bass synth with a LFO attached to really add some tension... There isn't enough pitch--too many drums.

djcristo responds:

You know, looking at this now, I really agree with you. I mean, I think the song is okay up until the final chorus, but then it really sounds sloppy. You're definitely right. I crammed too many drums in. Fortunately I'm making a follow up to this that is turning out to be MUCH better. :)

Wow--amazing beginning

I still don't really like that really low bass sound... If it didn't sound so distorted, it might sound better to me, but the beginning was ingenious. Love it. 5/5, 9/10.

Sp1r1T responds:

:) Well its your taste in bass...


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