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Lol, everyone is noticing this song now.

I didn't like the beginning synth, since it kind of threw me off balance... I liked the higher lead synth, and the bass more. Pretty good song overall (albeit, very OLD)... Just reviewing since this is getting more publicity. =P

Pretty awesome loop.

This has great potential for a full song if you do some modification to it, but I love it. The sound is very original, and the plucks are so close to each other that it's too hard to make them out as individual notes. 9/10, 5/5 <3

Pretty cool effects in there.

I'd say that my favorite part was right around 3:00 where you incorporated the new synth - I think that new synth was much smoother and cleaner. I think that the high synth at the beginning was kind of rough on the ears... The percussion throughout this entire song was amazing - simple, but very layered. I could listen to that alone all day long.

Besides that, I'd say that it was a bit repetitive - you probably could've made it a bit shorter... Extremely good job overall, though.

ChineseCommando responds:

Thank you!

Extremely good mastering.

Repetitive though... Sounds almost like experimental trance. Nice mastering though--everything sounds like candy to my ears.

Ehh.. vocals sounds washed out.

The vocals sound overly-distorted by the vocoder or whatever you used to give them that techno feel. Also, the song takes a bit too long to get into the vocal section without much of a build-up... Not a great, but still nice. The layering fits well, despite the vocal's flaws. 7/10 4/5


This is freakin' amazing. The synth to start the song is beautiful, and it really sets the mood early for this song. I'd say that this sounds very much like video game music, and that this style suits you well. Definitely one of the better songs on Newgrounds. 5/5 10/10. I'd give you more, but I can't.

DoctorAttitude responds:

Thanks a lot for the review mate :) Glad you enjoyed it. I pull a lot of inspiration from my younger days when I did nothing but game. Oh wait, i still do that.

Actually pretty cool.

Slow intro, but the instruments all sound real, and it's a very nice melody with a soft drumline keeping it going. Not bad.

Very nice dreamy feel.

Nice wind flute sound... Was that the sytrus wind pipe? Anyway, it sounds wonderful. I think this feels a lot like a reflection on your earlier music. 10/10, 5/5

F-777 responds:

Nah i made the flute from the VST
Nexus =).

Thanks for the awesome review!!!

I like the nifty drums =P

The 8-bit feel is there too, and it sounds really good. At some times, I think it sounds like some of your work from -way- back then (all of the sonic remixes lol), but I like how it turned out. 10/10, 5/5.

Beautiful transition from ep. 3

I was captivated by ep 3's hard, dark techno style, and I loved the electric guitars in this episode. They were flawlessly put in, and they fit the mood very well. I like the ambient fade-out in the song; it makes it a very calming song at that point, and it brings the energy back in about about 2:00-ish.

10/10, 5/5 for a beautifully composed piece.

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