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Nice and bouncy.

Kinda repetitive, as per the usual, but I liked the break in the middle, along with the fade-in synth that comes with it. Definitely one of the better ones out of the last 5 or so. =D

5x better.

If only you remastered all of your songs.


A lot of dedication to a school project.. Definitely very abstract sounding and a good rythym to it.

I liked how this song is not quite as repetitive as some of your others, and that it keeps the same theme at the same time.

Stargame responds:

Eh, I've been working a bit on fixing the repetitive part of my music -- I went through a HUGE trance phase where I just wanted to make some good dance music. Now, my musical style is turning slightly inquisitive. I'm looking into new ways to pattern songs, new ways to start one, new ways to end, etc... I've also been putting a TON of work into sound synthesis. I've been somewhat dissatisfied with making minor tweaks in a sound, and leaving it at that. This is one of my better songs in terms of synthesis... And I hope that I can keep this up...


I can tell you've come a long way since the first song I've heard from you (*[GloW]*), and this is definitely one of your best songs in a while... I'd say that this is probably ukp there with some of the music that is created by online music GODS like Shrapnel, cornandbeans, etc...

Great listen, definitely download. 10/10, 5/5 whatever/whatever. It wins.

Oh man!!

This is amazing! I remember this song, but this version is so much better! I love the way the piano blends with everything else.

It's ok. Good happy hardcore music.

It definitely has good techno background in there. Couldn't understand the lyrics much, but they sounded pretty good too.

Amazing demo!!

Great song. I hope you finish it.

I like the way that it blended with the crowds...

But the bass and clap kinda drowned out the melody... If you could make those less... loud, then it'd be like perfect.

Pretty good.

Not my favorite of your music, but definitely a good one.


Good mix of classical+synth

Very nice mix overall. Not harsh on the ears, very calming. 9/10.

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