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Wow--amazing beginning

I still don't really like that really low bass sound... If it didn't sound so distorted, it might sound better to me, but the beginning was ingenious. Love it. 5/5, 9/10.

Sp1r1T responds:

:) Well its your taste in bass...


Love it.

If only it could be longer though... I like how the notes just come perfectly together to blend well.

This I actually think is a lot better.

I think that this could be like an intro to an epic techno/trance song. Not exactly industrial...

Lol firestorm licks

Very good song, good composition. That one melody at about :26 or :27--what song was that used in? {Mercury}?

Every time I hear those 'firestorm licks', shivers go up my spine.

Wonderful--kind of a techno waltz

A little to heavy to waltz to, but nice music anyway.

Very nice.

Bass did feel a bit compressed, but the only other thing I might add off the top of my head would be a quick fade-in on the fast melody, since it basically jumped out of nowhere into the song. 9/10.

Very cool song.

I think that this is probably your best song yet. While it was done in 2 hours, it is very nicely mastered, nice drums, and extremely nice synths. I didn't like the squashy-sounding bass synth in the first 1:11 that came in around :40 with the higher synth... It seemed to detract from the energy there in my opinion. Also, some of the build-ups in the second 1:11 seemed too large or too small, and made it a little confusing when you ended so abruptly. Not necessarily a bad thing (the second part), but just an opinion.

But nonetheless, still a great song. 9/10 5/5.

Stargame responds:

Haha, my best? Trust me, even for a well mastered song, this one is definitely not my best. My truly best is not something that I'm willing to share at the moment. Anyway, thank you for the in depth review.

I agree with the others.

Good song and good playing... Although many of the notes sounded about half a step (not a half-step, but half of a half step) flat... That's my 7-year violin ear speaking, but whatever. Good job.

Nice song.

I didn't like how the drums were really loud over everything else... But the underlying synth was pretty nice.

It's ok... Kinda beginner.

I don't like how the drums follow the synth when they come in... And it feel s really repetitive, although the theme changes--no new instruments come in.

Adamaja456 responds:

thanks for the review.
yea i need to learn how to make my music sound less repetitive. The more i work with FL, the easier ill be able o fix that :)

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